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Best Free Pc Games You Can Play Right Now

We list a small compilation of the best games that you can enjoy for free on your PC.

Nowadays, whoever doesn’t play is because they don’t want to. The last decade has seen an incredible flowering in the world of video games, and this branch of entertainment is now more accessible than ever.

Amid price hikes on triple-A prices and consoles, there’s a huge catalog of top-flight games that you can play completely free today.

Best free games on PC (2023)

The only thing you will need to enjoy these titles is a PC and a user account, and many of them offer you fun that can last hundreds and hundreds of hours. In parallel with our YouTube channel, we leave you below a list of the best free games to enjoy on PC, updated to 2023.

Apex Legends

Many of you will remember Titanfall, and Apex Legends is the heir to that formula, combined with the attractive operation of Battle Royale. This game drops us on an island full of loot, structures, and especially enemies. It is a battle royale shooter where the last team or player standing wins. To achieve this, we will have to make our way through the map with shots, with a first-person perspective and extremely polished movement mechanics. You will be able to use the environment to your advantage and enjoy one of the most vertical experiences that this genre of video games offers.

  • Game Developer: Respawn Entertainment
  • Release Date: February 4, 2019

The Battle for Wesnoth

The Battle for Wesnoth is a much more classic proposition, straight to the heart of those nostalgic for the Age of Empires era. It is a turn-based strategy game set in a medieval fantasy universe. Enjoy centuries of history and reveal the fate of this gigantic world that you can explore at your leisure. Battle the undead hordes unleashed by a necromancer and lead a fearless band of survivors across the fiery sands in a classic adventure packed with charm.

  • Game Developer: The Battle for Wesnoth Development Team
  • Release Date: June 18, 2003
  • Official Website: https://www.wesnoth.org/

Call of Duty: Warzone

Probably the best Battle Royale that you can enjoy right now, alone or with friends. After an attempt that came out regularly with Black Ops, this version of Battle Royale is the best that Call of Duty has achieved, and its millions of players around the world prove it. It’s a game that has lived on over the years, gameplay mixing Call of Duty shooter action with special map events and a relentless gas storm that closes in over time. If you like the Call of Duty formula, this game is a must-have in your library.

Destiny 2

Another shooter, but with a different approach. This best-seller developed by Bunguie offers us different planets to explore alone or with friends, with dozens of active events to improve our equipment and discover secrets. It has different cooperative and multiplayer modes, including the classic “team deathmatch” or Gambit, a curious multiplayer proposal that mixes PVP with PVE. The Raids are without a doubt another of the great attractions of this game, being extremely difficult events where synchronization with your team is key to victory.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

If like me you have spent many hours on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you know what we are talking about. What was a card game integrated into a giant RPG has become a unique multiplayer proposition within the universe of Geralt de Rivia. Customize your decks and face other players in a very original and extremely addictive defense and attack system. It is a game that will test your capacity for strategy and improvisation in equal parts.

Path of Exile

This is another proposal that will check many boxes for the most veteran players. Path of Exile is an action RPG that draws heavily from the Diablo classics, both for the camera and the combat sensation. However, this game adds several layers of complexity to the formula, with a very complete “build” system and a very interesting strategic component that invites the player to make the most of his character’s capabilities.

War Thunder

If you like war games, pay close attention to this one. War Thunder is an MMO featuring land, sea, and air warfare vehicles. Pilot a tank, warship, fighter, and many more variants and measure yourself against the skill of hundreds of players on a constantly changing map. It is set in the military deployment of World War II, with dozens of different military vehicles that you can control and customize .


This may be the strangest proposal of this top, but it is already the history of video games. Roblox allows player to create their own virtual worlds and customize them to their liking. The essence that conquered millions and that made Minecraft fashionable has now evolved into one of the most popular games in history. Roblox has millions of downloads on all platforms where it is available and in the mobile market it is one of the most relevant games in history .

eFootball 2023

Maybe this name doesn’t sound like anything to you, but what if I told you… Pro Evolution Soccer? The very famous Konami IP that once aspired to compete with FIFA can now be enjoyed completely free of charge. Prepare your own squad and measure yourself against the machine or your friends in soccer matches full of emotion. The graphics are up to par with the last generation, and the mechanics have been polished to the most refined control palette to date.

Rocket League

Football again, but with cars. Rocket League was once a breath of fresh air that combined the charm of arcade sports games with driving. You will control a racing car and your objective will be to score a goal in the rival goal by pushing a gigantic ball. It is an extremely fun game full of stunts, crazy jumps, and memorable plays. It is undoubtedly one of the best multiplayer proposals in recent years and that is why hundreds of thousands of players continue to enjoy its charm on a daily basis.

Among Us

This game didn’t make a big splash when it came out, but when streamers started playing it, it exploded in popularity. It is a game to enjoy with friends, where one is secretly the “killer” and must end the lives of the rest without being discovered. It is a very fun format that seeks to turn people against each other and form alliances to boycott your friends. It’s an idea that has been swarming the world of video games since the first modded versions of Half-Life 2, and today it has evolved without losing its charm at all.

Gartic Phone

Another perfect example of a game to spend an afternoon with friends laughing their butt off. Gartic Phone takes the essence of the classic “broken phone” and extrapolates it to the virtual environment. Each player must draw based on an idea, but after each interpretation and drawing, the original meaning fades. It is extremely funny to see how something seemingly simple ends up becoming something completely different after going through different participants.

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