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Fruit Battlegrounds Codes – (March 2023) – Free Gems!

Immerse yourself in the intense battlefield of Fruit Battlegrounds, a Roblox game that draws inspiration from One Piece. Prepare for immediate action as you’re thrown into combat, where you’ll face attacks and defeat, only to come back stronger. Battle against other players, earn bounties and collect Fruit to upgrade your fighting abilities.

Each Fruit offers unique abilities, like the power to control each limb individually or split your body into pieces, but they require Gems to unlock. Fortunately, Fruit Battlegrounds codes can provide you with free Gems to use in the game. P O P O, the game’s developer, occasionally releases codes for in-game milestones and updates, but we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of working codes for you. Access them all in one convenient guide.

All Fruit Battlegrounds Codes

  • LIT210 – Free Rewards (NEW)
  • YESSIRBIG200! – Free Rewards
  • NEVERSTOP – Free Rewards
  • DUBMINER – Free Rewards
  • CANTSTOP – Free Rewards
  • ITKEEPSCOMING! – Free Rewards
  • SHUTDOWNLUCK – Free Rewards
  • FUNNYNUMBER – Free Rewards
  • 190KWOWBRUH – Free Rewards
  • GOCRAZY180! – Free Rewards
  • 170KKRAZY – Free Rewards
  • FREECASHBRO – Free Rewards
  • KRAZYSUPPORT – Free Gems
  • 160WOW – Free Gems
  • DRACOMASTA – Free Gems
  • KAIDOBEAST – Free Gems
  • GOKRAZY150 – Free Gems
  • 140KAGAIN – Free Gems
  • LETSGOO130K – Free Gems


  • FATSTACKZ – Free Gems
  • RAININGGEMS! – Free Gems
  • LONGAWAITED – Free Gems
  • GOLDENDAYZ – Free Gems
  • WINTERDAYZ – Free Gems
  • PAWGOKRAZY – Free Gems
  • UPDATETIMEEE – Free Gems
  • FREECAZH – Free Gems
  • 120KTHX – Free Gems
  • INDAZONE – Free Gems
  • 110KYEE – Free Gems
  • 100KWEDIDIT – Free Gems
  • DAMN90K – 400 Gems
  • 80KAHHHHH – 450 Gems
  • THXFOR70K – 400 Gems
  • FREEBREAD! – 280 Gems
  • 60KLETSGOOOO – 400 Gems
  • SORRY4SHUTDOWN – 240 Gems
  • MAGMALETSGOO – 900 Gems
  • 50KINSANE – 500 Gems
  • 40KDAMN – Free Gems
  • 35KWOWBRO – 250 Gems
  • 30KLOVEYOU – Free Gems
  • 25KINSANE!! – Free Rewards
  • 20KCRAZY – Free Rewards
  • 15KNOWAY – Free Rewards
  • THXFOR10K – Free Rewards
  • 7KTEAM – Free Rewards
  • 5KSQUAD – Free Rewards
  • 4KGANGO – Free Rewards
  • 3KTHXBRO – Free Rewards
  • WUPDATEORNAH – Free Rewards
  • 2KLETSGOOO – Free Rewards
  • PRESENT4YOU – Free Rewards
  • 1KLIKESGANG – Free Rewards

How to redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes

To redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes, you need to do the following:

  1. Launch Fruit Battlegrounds but wait in the title menu screen
  2. On this screen, select the “Spin Fruit” option
  3. In the room you spawn in, click on the treasure chest on the right:
  4. Enter your code into the text box that appears in the bottom left corner of your screen and hit “redeem”:
  5. If you successfully redeem the code, you will be notified by a small sentence appearing at the top of your screen.

People Also Ask

What are Fruit Battlegrounds codes?

Fruit Battlegrounds codes are promotional codes that can be redeemed in the game for various rewards, such as Gems, which can be used to obtain new Fruit.

Where can I find Fruit Battlegrounds codes?

Fruit Battlegrounds codes are often released by the game’s developer, P O P O, on their social media accounts or in-game events. You can also find codes from Roblox influencers or through giveaways.

How can I redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes?

To redeem codes, open the game and click on the codes icon (it looks like a Twitter bird). Then, enter the code exactly as it appears and click on the redeem button.

Are there any restrictions on using Fruit Battlegrounds codes?

Yes, codes have expiration dates and can only be redeemed once per account. Some codes may also have specific requirements, such as a minimum level or game progress.

How can I stay updated on new Fruit Battlegrounds codes?

Follow P O P O on their social media accounts, join their Discord server, or keep an eye on Roblox forums and groups. You can also bookmark this page to access the latest codes and updates.

Roblox’s Fruit Battlegrounds is a fighting game that takes inspiration from beloved anime shows such as One Piece. Your objective is to rise as one of the top warriors, which is no easy feat. Although we can’t play the game on your behalf, we can still offer you assistance. We’ve compiled a list of all the Fruit Battlegrounds codes to provide you with an extra edge in your journey towards success.

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